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Central Library supports the institute’s program of study and research. Institute Archives, offer access to a wide range of materials, both printed and electronic. The collection includes

  • More than 23,750 Books.
  • 179 Journals in that 75 International Journals
  • 1,250 plus CD’s
  • Digital Library with 15 computers.

The library seeks to create and manage an environment that supports learning and research, In pursuit of these goals, the library expects users to follow the rules.


Department Titles Volumes
CSE 490 2500
ECE 619 3500
EEE 618 2570
IT 541 2500
MECH 416 3000
CIVIL 549 3501
S & H 277 1008
MBA 1118 3195
M.E.,CSE 100 500
M.E.,VLSI 149 600
M.E.,PED 103 500
M.E.,St.Engg 50 400
Total 5,030 23,774
Department Journal International Journal National Magazines
CSE 6 3 2
ECE 12 12 2
EEE 6 6 2
IT 6 6 2
MECH 12 12 1
CIVIL 12 12 2
S & H 6 6 3
MBA 15 15 5
Total 75 75 29

Grand Total – 179

CSE 225
IT 189
ECE 238
EEE 195
Total 1,292


  • Reference Books section
  • Journal section
  • Locker Books
  • General Knowledge Books
  • Competition Exam Books
  • News Papers section
  • Digital Library
  • E-Resources section
  • Engineering & Management Books
  • Circulation section
  • General Science
  • Non-Book Materials
  • CD view facilities
  • Back Volumes section


Working Hours
Monday-Saturday 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM
Leave dayes – 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM


REC Digital Library\System an advanced version of Digital library. This application supports uploading, searching and downloading of all types of digital media. it has an advanced version of Dynamic Search Engine. Every User can upload their personal limited number of files to Main Database. Best technology used for safety of these personal files.

Main Features available in REC Digital Library:

  • Uploading of any type of media file like PDF, documents, audio, video and others.
  • An advanced dynamic Search Engine.
  • There is no limit of number of files or band with limit for downloading.
  • Any user can upload limited number of files to their personal folder.
  • All personal files have best security.
  • Direct link to Electronics Journals.
  • Research Paper collection.
  • Latest software is available for download.
  • Educational audio and video files are available here.
  • Project section has all the projects done by students

Other Features

  • More than 15 computers with lcd monitor & dvd drive facility.
  • Internet facility.
  • DElNET Online Service.



  • Students
  • Teaching Staff
  • Administrative / Supporting Staff
  • Management and special users
  • Outside visitors are also allowed for reference on production of valid ID cards Head of the Institution.
  • Other College students are allowed only after getting prior permission from the Principal and the Librarian with a recommendation letter from the Head of the concerned Organization/Institute



  • Book Issue
    • Normal 15 days Issue
    • Special Issue
    • Overnight Issue
  • Book Eligibility
    • UG – 4 Books
    • PG – 5 Books
    • Staff- 5 Books

2. Cataloguing Service-OPAC

The Bibliographical information of the library are made available through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). The basic searches like Author, Title, Author and Title, keyword, publisher etc are introduced.

3. E – GATE

The Computerized gate register for library users

4. Other Institutional Membership

DELNET (Developing Library Network)


  • The engineering college library will open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on all working days
  • Students will be permitted to enter the library only with their ID cards
  • Strict silence and decorum should be observed inside the library
  • students should come properly dressed and maintain courteous behavior
  • Before entering, members shall keep their personal belongings outside the library; they are allowed to take with them one or two sheets of paper
  • Staff and students should scan their ID card in the E-Gate system
  • Users, who wish to borrow books from the library shall apply in the prescribed from on all working days. Books taken without Proper issue, entry shall be treated as theft
  • Tearing pages from the library books/ journals/magazines/project reports/news papers etc is not permitted
  • After referring the books, the user should keep them on the reading table : the journals/magazines are to be kept in the allocated place in the rack
  • Willful of misplacement hiding library books from one rack in to another is punishable
  • All books except reference books, magazines, news paper and previous year question paper are issued to the members of the library
  • While using the reading room, taking clipping of advertisements, removal of pages, diagrams, scribbling on the pages and other forms of mutilation Are strictly forbidden. The member concerned is fully, responsible for any such damage done to the book/journal issued to him.
  • The Borrowed books should be returned in good condition within 15 days books will be renewed only if there are no reservations for them
  • Only one reservation per member per book is allowed. The reserved book must be collected with in THREE Days, failing which the reservation will be deemed to be cancelled and book may be issued to next user.
  • One cannot take the same book more than three times in a semester
  • Books that are in special demand may be recalled from the borrower at any time
  • Library books should be returned when students go home for long vacations or deposit an amount equivalent to the cost of the books after obtaining written permission from the principal
  • Books are issued to members normally for a period of 15 days and they must be returned within the loan period. Default in the return of a book will result in levy of fine as follows.
    • Rs. 1.00 Per calendar day for the first 10 days and
    • Rs. 2.00 Per calendar day for the balance period
  • If a book is lost or damaged by a member, he will be required to replace it or pay Triple the cost of the book within 30 days
  • Students, when they finally leave the college, should return all the library books taken and obtain a clearance certificate to enable them to get their certificates from the office
  • During library hours and project hours, students can enter only with the staff concerned accompanying them
  • It is nor permitted for a student to be in the library during class hours
  • Suggestions and complaints if any should be dropped in the suggestion box
  • The college library is a treasure house of knowledge: it is up to the students and staff to make effective use of it so as to enrich their knowledge

Ongoing Events

02 May

New Admission Open 2022-2023

9:00 am - 4:30 pm College