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Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls. Clean rooms and hygienic facilities make for an ideal stay away from home. The hostels also have a recreation hall, multi-gym facility and provision for a variety of indoor games for the students.

Students in the hostels have access to everyday conveniences including telephones and enjoy watching a film every weekend.

The mess facilities in the hostels are designed to meet international hygiene standards. Steam cookers and sterilising equipment are used to prepare wholesome healthy food.

An RO plant with the capacity of 2000 LPH is available in the college to provide drinking water for all the students. The RO water is connected to kitchen, mess, hostels and various dispensing points.

There are three hostels available

Rainbow Hostel (Gents)

  • Total rooms: 40
  • Total students occupy (40 * 4): 160

Everest Hostel (Gents)

  • Total rooms: 40
  • Total students occupy (40 * 4): 160

Mayuri Hostel (Ladies)

  • Total rooms: 54
  • Total students occupy (54 *4) : 216

Dormitory type hostel are also available

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02 May

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